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We are asking you to join others in supporting us.

In an effort to move forward in achieving our goals to:

  1. communicate & inform;
  2. connect & create;
  3. advocate & support;
  4. focus on sustainability;
  5. observe & engage people and the places they share.

We’re in search of patrons whose commitments will ensure the success of our mission, which is to facilitate and advocate for preservation, smart development and great public spaces in Downtown Jacksonville through communicating, connecting and informing current and future businesses and stakeholders.

If you’re interested in the different Patron Levels, as well as associated benefits offered, please email us to set up a time to talk through how you can be involved.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

We need your help!

Thriving downtowns are the heartbeat of every major city around the world and Jacksonville should be no different. Over the years, the momentum to (re)develop Downtown Jacksonville has had many starts and stops. Right now Jacksonville is on the doorstep of major change and Build Up Downtown was created to help facilitate that change.

For over a decade, stakeholders, both public and private, have created an unstoppable momentum that will revitalize our Downtown and ensure our sustainability moving forward. Jacksonville’s Downtown will soon be a unique epicenter for business, history, culture, education and entertainment.

Thank You to Our Patrons